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As a commercial office furniture supplier, we offer a wide range of furniture solutions to meet the unique needs of any type of company including businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and the hospitality industry. Whether you are looking to create a productive workspace for your employees, a comfortable learning environment for students, a healing space for patients, or a relaxing space for guests to enjoy, we have the furniture solutions you need.


Rochester Office Interiors is dedicated to crafting a customized strategy that caters to your needs both now and and in the future. We understand that your choice of furniture extends far beyond simply providing a space to sit. It conveys your brand's message and creates an environment that balances form, function, and cost-effectiveness. ROI can provide you with an extensive range of top-rated manufacturers and interior solutions to cover everything from your front lobby to private offices, enabling us to bring your vision of optimal performance to life. Our team of experts can translate your concepts into a functional design and carry them through the final installation. Whether your goal is to attract new talent and increase productivity or restructure your current space to accommodate future growth, ROI has the expertise to enhance the defining elements of your office space.


Modern educational facilities place an emphasis on technology to ensure students have the best conditions for creativity, learning, and application. The success of the institution is aided by the creation of visually appealing and adaptable rooms for the professors and students to learn and grow. Rochester Office Interiors can offer educational institutions the resources they need to draw and keep a desired faculty and student body through expertise, research, and thoughtful design. Our future generation of students will have more opportunities thanks to your innovative and experienced partnership with ROI.


There may be a variety of distinct environments within a single healthcare facility, each with its own set of requirements. We provide practical solutions as a full-service partner, enhancing flexibility and performance through recent research, trends, and recommendations. We assess your current situation and offer suggestions and solutions to boost patient satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention.

State & Federal Government

At Rochester Office Interiors, we are mindful of the special concerns of federal government and healthcare facilities, as well as state and local government agencies and educational institutions nationwide. We work hard to provide these workplaces with design solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and flexible enough to match the standards expected at every level of the public sector.


We understand the hospitality industry has unique furniture needs. We offer a range of furniture solutions designed to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. Our furniture solutions are designed to create a comfortable and inviting environment for your guests, while also meeting the unique needs of your business.

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