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Where to Buy Modern Office Cubicles in Rochester, NY: Elevate Productivity with a Separate Space

Office cubicles are ideal for transforming an open workspace into a personalized mini-office, offering enhanced privacy and productivity. As office sizes shrink, cubicle designs are continuously adapting to meet various job requirements. Also, it can be overwhelming to choose the right office cubicles, given the variety of size options and features. In that regard, Rochester Office Interiors can be your perfect companion with high-quality office cubicles from reputable brands. 

Cubicle Office Furniture

AIS Mobile Pedestals

AIS Mobile Pedestals

AIS mobile pedestals, ideal for compact cubicles, are designed to maximize storage efficiency. This small office cubicle furniture provides ample space for storing paperwork, tools, and stationery items. These pedestals come in different sizes ranging from 28 – 42 inches on the floor. You can choose either laminate or steel as the material for AIS mobile pedestals. Twenty laminate colors and five paint options are available to customize the pedestal’s appearance as you like. All standard 15” pedestals have pencil trays to organize smaller items on your desk. 

Friant Interra

Friant Interra is the ideal panel system for someone looking to add more customization to modern office cubicles. These panels are highly versatile, serving as base panels, window tiles, and frameless glass barriers. Also, the electric access this panel system provides is fantastic. Whether you want a base feed or beltline power access above the work surface, Interra offers you both options. These panels are made of fabric, glass, whiteboard, tool rail, and perforated metal. The quick switching of tiles just by snapping in and out is a big plus in terms of flexibility. If you want to mount storage with these walls, which option is open, too, with the help of a pneumatic lift and sliding doors.

Office Workstations

AIS Matrix Workstations

AIS Matrix workstations offer the perfect blend of functionality, flexibility, and customization in any open workspace. These workspaces are made of matrix tiles that you can interchange and rearrange quickly on-site to meet the demands of your job. These tiles can be stacked too to become a workstation or a private office in seconds. You can also opt for the optional door for added privacy. If you have other AIS products like storage and tables, they can be easily integrated with Matrix workstations, too. 

Private Office Cubicles

AIS Aloft

AIS Aloft desks combine ergonomic features and adjustability seamlessly. Aloft desks are an excellent addition for those building office cubicles, featuring motorized height adjustments. You can adjust the height with a button whether you like to stand or sit while working. These private cubicle desks are available in different shapes and can be further customized with screens to add privacy. These desks have lateral baskets and vertical belts below the surface for clean cable management and to keep your workspace organized. 

AIS Oxygen Fixed Benching System

Modern Office Cubicles in 2024

Whether you are looking for a collaborative or a separate, more focused workspace, the Oxygen fixed benching system can be the perfect inclusion for both setups. Aside from the minimal design and modern aesthetics, this benching system also gets full marks in the functionality department. You get access to power on top of the desk and a nifty cable management option under the surface. Thanks to the built-in CPU holder, you can easily store your CPU underneath the desk.  

Groupe Lacasse CITE Benching

Group Lacasse’s CITE benching is more than just a cubicle part or furniture system. This benching system has all the right features to allow users brainstorming sessions, information sharing and project management. These benching systems are made of high-quality acrylic materials and aluminum accents to build a modern yet sturdy benching system that can be an excellent asset for any private office cubicle. With the addition of electric height adjustable tables, the CITE collection can make your working experience even more comfortable and efficient. 

JSI Vision Private Office

JSI Vision Private Office Cubicles

Are you planning to give your cubicle a sophisticated touch? Look no further as JSI’s Vision series brings you the perfect office collection with a clean look, minimal design and high-quality materials. Materials include laminate, glass, metal and several wooden options to give your cubicle that elegant look. 

Small Office Cubicles

Fluid Concepts Alterna

Private Office Cubicles

Alterna can be the perfect go-to solution to separate your workspace quickly and turn it into a small private office, meeting area or collaboration space. This highly customizable wall and room system made of glass allows ample light without blocking the view outside. There are dozens of layouts you can choose from that are suitable for both smaller and larger areas.  

Groupe Lacasse Stad

Office Cubicles

Groupe Lacasse’s Stad lineup brings the most professional and modern-looking office collection. It features a wide range of desk setups perfect for small office cubicles. If your office features other Groupe Lacasse products, they can integrate seamlessly with these contemporary desks. These desks are available in multiple finishes, leg options, power and cable management holes for customization and ease of use. You can also choose the height-adjustable tables from the collection for comfortable seating positions and working posture.

Rochester Office Interiors: Explore the best office cubicle selection

Welcome to Rochester Office Interiors, your destination for the finest and most versatile office cubicles in Rochester, NY. We have been in the business for many years, collaborating with the best manufacturers in the industry and offering the latest and greatest cubicles for all kinds of offices. No matter the size, shape, feature, or material you’re looking for, Rochester Office Interiors has everything to help you redefine your workspace. On top of that, our team of expert interior designers can help you redecorate your workspace with a customized cubicle plan personalized to your workspace. If you want to redecorate your workspace with modern office cubicles, call us at (585) 749-2428 so that we can start working together.

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