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Where Can I Buy Contemporary Office Furniture in Rochester, NY? Explore Modern Office Furniture Today!

Your office should be a place where you feel comfortable and can be productive every day. What makes an office feel comfortable and like home? It’s all about the furniture. If you’re updating your workspace with contemporary office furniture to add warmth and comfort, Rochester Office Interiors is your go-to source, providing the perfect mix of high quality and versatility. Explore these outstanding products with us, where style and functionality come together beautifully.

Office Desks

Indiana ‘Gesso Series’ Wood

Indiana Gesso Series Wood

Indiana Furniture’s Gesso series offers sturdy office desks made of different materials. These desks come in various sizes and can comfortably allow space for multiple monitors and open areas for storage and other office work. A notable feature is the inclusion of cable management holes at the desk’s end, ensuring a tidy workspace. Moreover, the diverse array of configurations and finishes in this series is truly impressive. Whether it’s the shape, size, color, or finish, more than a dozen options are available to fit your workspace.

AIS ‘Calibrate Series

AIS Calibrate Series

AIS is an established name for office furniture, and their Calibrate series can be a solid desk option for your office with top-notch build quality.  There are more than two dozen finishing options to find a suitable match for your office interiors. Each desk setup has multiple storage options to store all your paperwork and work accessories. For efficient teamwork and comfortable working conditions, you can adjust the heights of these desks and slide them to create a collaborative workspace. 

Office Seating

AIS ‘Natick’

The AIS Natick isn’t just a good-looking chair made of high-quality materials. The adjustability you get with Natick chairs is something you won’t find very easily. With adjustable height, depth, armrests, and lumbar support, Natick chairs ensure a supremely comfortable seating experience. Additionally, the back mesh is customizable to suit your preferences. You can either go for solid or graduated mesh to promote ventilation on your chair. The chair also features eight-activated synchro-tilt mechanisms with multiple-position back-lock, offering a healthy spine and back alignment.  

Encore Momento

Encore Momento

Encore Momento chairs pretty much tick all the boxes of an ideal office chair – they’re comfortable, look gorgeous, have different back heights, arm selections, and have base finish options. There’s a decent weight capacity of 300 lbs, and the metal frame ensures the chair can comfortably hold that weight for an extended period. The cushioning on the seat is of memory foam standard, meaning it adjusts to your body temperature and keeps you comfortable. Not all the Encore models offer back height adjustability, so make sure to check that out before purchasing. 

Office Accessories

Clarus Float & Depth

Clarus Float & Depth

Clarus Float + Depth can be an ideal choice for anyone looking for an advanced and stylish whiteboard to complement a modern office interior. You can customize the size and shape of it up to 72″ x 144″ to match your needs. The mounting hardware stays hidden, and the polished surface of the board makes it a subtle yet trendy addition to any collaborative workspace. You can use almost any marker on it, even the permanent ones, and it won’t leave any residue or stains on the board once cleaned.

Clarus Flex Wall

Clarus Flex Wall

Clarus Flex Wall is a glass board wall that’ll take the aesthetic and efficiency to the next level. If you have an open workspace at the office, this glass wall can seamlessly transform a particular area into a private one as a wall partition divider. A standout feature of the Flex Wall is its omnidirectional wheel base, enabling effortless movement. Besides that, you can customize the frame, acoustic panel design, and color to match your office interior. The glass on the wall is compatible with any marker so that it can be used as a whiteboard. 

Reception and Lounge

Arcadia Contract ‘Uptown Social Lounge’

Arcadia Contract ‘Uptown Social Lounge’

Arcadia’s Uptown Social Lounge is the perfect choice for a waiting lounge with modular seating arrangements. The design of the table and sofas is pretty minimal, adding an elegant touch to the overall design. All the furniture in this lineup has metal legs and is available in five different finishes. 

Indiana ‘Aura Reception’

Indiana ‘Aura Reception’

Indiana Aura Reception is a timeless and modern reception desk that’ll easily uplift the beauty of any workspace. The best part about this lineup is that it comes in multiple configurations, allowing you to choose the right size for your office’s available space. The reception is already pretty stylish, but you can take it to the next level with dozens of material, surface, and laminate options. The sofas and chairs have power units to charge and use your devices to make the waiting period more efficient. 


Great Openings ‘Laterals’

Great Openings ‘Laterals’

Great Openings’ Lateral series is the perfect choice if you are looking for a convenient way to store and organize your paperwork, files, and other office supplies. These storage solutions will ensure you make the best use of available space by allowing you to store stuff horizontally. There are more than a dozen configurations available in different sizes to choose from. All the Laterals have magnetic shelf dividers and labels to make storage and organization more convenient. 

AIS ‘L-Series’ Steel

AIS L-Series Steel

AIS L Series storages are the perfect option for those planning to maximize the storage capabilities at the office. These storages are made of two materials: steel and laminate. While the steel options have a uniform color, laminate ones have dozens of materials and finishing options. All the storages come with a standard locking mechanism, but you can customize them with digital locks for added security. Operating the storage is convenient, too, thanks to the smooth-riding ball-bearing suspensions. 

Rochester Office Interiors: Redefine your office space

Rochester Office Interiors has emerged as a distinguished provider of furniture in Rochester, NY. Finding the right supplier to deliver according to your office interiors and needs isn’t easy. Where Rochester Office Interiors shines is in its collaboration with premium brands like AIS, Indiana, Arcadia, etc., offering the widest selection of furniture. From planning and interior design to delivery and installation, Rochester Office Interiors will stay by your side to redefine your workspace. Call us at 585-749-2428 today.

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